Publications AIEE

Energia ed Economia - Energy and Economy

Monthly Bulletin (Newsletter) containing in-depth articles, interviews with energy experts, reports on events, as well as presentations and comments on conferences and seminars organized  by the AIEE.

A selection of the latest national and international  news  and reviews of the most recent energy publications. It is a free publication  reserved to the AIEE members.


The AIEE Book collection

Volumes on various energy themes published annually since 1998. The publications are financed by the AIEE or sponsored by its institutional members  and then offered to the AIEE members, for free or at a highly discounted price.

Lettera sull'Energia (The Energy Newsletter)

Quarterly publication, supplement of the Italian energy magazine “Staffetta Quotidiana”, containing articles written by the AIEE members, opinions and points of view on energy issues.


Publications IAEE

Energy Journal

IAEE quarterly publication that can be downloaded by AIEE/IAEE members on line or received in electronic and paper format (on request). It contains scientific articles on energy economy and environmental issues.

It aims to share and spread knowledge in the field of energy and related topics.  Each issue contains articles of an academic and informative nature, analysis of regulatory impacts and relevant innovative approaches for scholars and operators in the energy sector on a wide variety of topics: renewable sources, alternative fuels, energy savings, fossil fuels, economic policy, taxation energy, etc.

IAEE Energy Forum

The IAEE Energy Forum Newsletter is a quarterly publication in paper and electronic format that the IAEE sends to its members, containing the information and reports of the various IAEE affiliates and energy information from around the world. The Newsletter also contains articles on a wide range of economic-energy current issues and information and communications for its members. The Energy Forum also publishes announcements on association events, such as conferences and workshops.

Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy

“Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy” is published twice a year in paper and electronic format and covers a variety of topics related to energy and environmental economics, with a political orientation, such as environmental policy, emission trading, sustainable energy systems, energy security and renewable energy, etc. Its content includes political documents and notes, symposia organized on specific political problems, articles, book reviews and comments on energy issues. EEEP is a multidisciplinary publication, a scientific source based on research, but easy to read and accessible that provides information on contemporary economic thought and energy and environmental policy issues. The publication stimulates the dialogue between the business, government and the academic world and improves knowledge on energy, environmental policy and decision-making.