The AIEEItalian Association of Energy Economists is a non-profit professional organization to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among energy experts.

The Association is financially supported by member dues, contributions for research activities carried out for companies and bodies involved in the energy field, and by the sale of conference proceedings as well as conference fees and other initiatives.

 The AIEE was founded in 1989 as the Italian affiliate of the IAEE – International Association for Energy Economics, sharing its targets and policy, interacting and cooperating with all the other affiliates.


The AIEE acts as an independent consulting organization for national and international institutions and companies to which it provides a broad contribution of energy economics, policymaking and theory. It also provides a means of professional communication and exchange with the institutions in charge of the definition of the Italian energy policy through meetings and joint initiatives.

It  promotes the understanding of energy related topics within universities through the organization of postgraduate courses and masters and it also grants a yearly scholarship to students who discuss their theses in energy economics.

It also encourages the participation in the Association activities of young students who are invited to seminars and conferences and can make use of the AIEE library for their academic works.

Education and dissemination of energy information

AIEE promotes the awareness of energy issues at a graduate and post-graduate level, either by organizing training courses on energy and a Master course on “Energy and Environmental Management” and also through, or by assigning grants to graduate students in the  field of energy economics.

In 2008, AIEE was selected by the European Commission as a partner in the “Sustainable Energy Europe – SEE” campaign, for the organization of information, education and dissemination of good energy practice activities following the guidelines of the project “Energy awareness”.



AIEE provides the following services:

 The  Energy Observatory Service is a service we propose to our members and other companies, that provides data and tariffs for the main energy sources.

The service is a monthly report, sent both in paper and .pdf format and is a very useful instrument to operate on the liberalized gas and electricity markets, characterized by the large variability of prices and regulations.
The Service (published only in Italian) provides a quarterly report on the evolution of international and national markets containing also short and medium term forecasts. It also informs on the price situation of the main energy products (oil, petroleum products, gas, coal, electricity) and their evolution during the months to follow (up to 24 months) with estimates of the fuel and of the electricity and gas tariffs.

The Energy Price Forecast, provides monthly information on prices of the main energy products (oil, petroleum products, gas, coal, electricity) and short term forecasts.


The AIEE provides in-depth analyzes and short, medium and long term scenarios that form the basis for the development of strategies, valuation of investments and business decisions at global and regional levels. The Association offers a combination of advisory, long-term strategies, specific expertise and various services. The AIEE can provide viewpoints and innovative solutions that help partners to undertake qualitative and successful strategies, combining analytical rigor with good technical and geopolitical knowledge.

Conferences and workshops

The AIEE has organized more than 200 national and international conferences on various energy issues in Rome, Milan, Venice, Verona, Parma, Salerno, Naples, Florence and other cities of Italy.
The AIEE can organize conferences and seminars on topics of common interest proposed by its institutional members or other partners.

The Sustainable Energy Award “Edgardo Curcio”


The AIEE awards each year the “Sustainable Energy Award” to a personality of the scientific, industrial or communications world, for the activity carried out in promoting green economy research and innovation in the field of renewable sources for the growth of sustainability of the Italian industry.

The aim of the Award is to encourage the dissemination and knowledge of all forms of sustainable energy in our country, taking into account economic growth, the need for security of supply, environmental protection and climate stability.