The AIEE has organized more than 200 national and international conferences on various energy issues in Rome, Milan, Venice, Verona, Parma, Salerno, Naples, Florence and other cities of Italy by presenting studies, opening debates and collecting dozens of acts and memories.

In 2010, AIEE was selected by the European Commission as part of the Campaign “Sustainable Energy Europe – SEE” for the realization of activities of information, training and dissemination of good energy practice, in line with the project “Energy awareness”

National Conferences

International Conferences

The AIEE organizes regular meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops to discuss issues related to energy.

Conference programs discuss critical issues of particular interest and importance to the institutions and industries and provide a forum in which are presented and debated the economic and political problems with which the energy world is confronted.

The round tables are intended to put together the main representatives of companies, institutions and universities on energy issues and the results of the discussion are then disseminated through articles published in the newsletter “Energy and Economy” and in specialized journals .

The AIEE organizes national conferences and seminars on topics of common interest proposed by its institutional partners with the aim also to disseminate studies, analysis and research of particular relevance.

The AIEE as an IAEE affiliate has organized high-level international conferences with an attendance of more than 500 delegates, in various Italian cities. The last three European conferences organized in Florence, Venice and Rome have been very successful with a large participation of experts belonging to over 30 countries worldwide.

 The AIEE Energy Symposium on Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security,  organized every year since 2016, in Milan and Rome with three prestigious Universities: Bicocca University, LUMSA University and Bocconi University, will organize its 4th edition, this year in Rome, with the LUMSA University.

The first Program announcement and Call for Papers will be soon published.

To attend events organized by the AIEE, please contact:

AIEE Secretariat

Phone: +39 06 322 7367