The AIEE is the Italian affiliate of the IAEE – International Association for Energy Economics

IAEE has over 3,500 members in over 100 countries and 29 affiliates. The International Association for Energy Economics was founded in 1977 in response to the energy crisis of the 70s.

It is a nonprofit professional organization with headquaters in the United States, which is committed to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and issues among professionals interested in energy economics. As its main objective the IAEE wants to provide an association of people interested in the economy of energy to create a forum for professional, multinational discussion and to provide a system of professional communication and exchange between these people.

To accomplish this, it publishes three periodicals: The Energy Journal a scientific quarterly magazine available to all members and can also be purchased by non-members through the webite; the IAEE Newsletter providing the latest information on the association with articles of interest to a wider audience interested in the energy sector; the Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy – EEEP.
All these publications are free and are distributed to the IAEE members (and therefore also the AIEE members).

In order to meet its objectives the IAEE, it organizes an international conference of energy every year. The meetings were held in the city; such as Rome, Quebec, New Delhi and Budapest, Washington DC and Copenhagen, Rio and Florence. These conferences are involving delegates and speakers from all around the world as well as government institutions, academics and companies.

The IAEE mission:

The International Association for Energy Economics is an independent, non-profit, global membership organization for business, government, academic and other professionals concerned with energy and related issues in the international community. We advance the knowledge, understanding and application of economics across all aspects of energy and foster communication amongst energy concerned professionals. It facilitates Worldwide information flow and exchange of ideas on energy issues High quality research Development and education of students and energy professionals and it accomplishes this through Providing leading edge publications and electronic media Organizing international and regional conferences Building networks of energy concerned professionals

It Facilities:

  • Worldwide information flow and exchange of ideas on energy issues
  • High quality research
  • Development and education of students and energy professionals

It accomplishes this through:

  • Providing leading edge publications and electronic media
  • Organizing international and regional conferences
  • Building networks of energy concerned professionals

The IAEE Affiliates

Thomas Irschik
Managing Director
Fernwärme Wien GmbH
Spittelauer Lände 45
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Ph 43-1-31326-1000
Fax 43-1-31326-2620
e-mail: Thomas.Irschik@fernwaermewien.at

Latin America 
Marisa Leon Almeida
Gerente Comercial y de Administration
Administracion del Mercado Electric
Yaguaron 1407 – Of 809
Montevideo CP 11-100, Uruguay
Ph 59829011630
e-mail: mleon@adme.com.uy

Machiel Mulder
Deputy Chief Economist
Netherlands Competition Authority
P.O. Box 16326,
2500 BH The Hague, The Netherlands
Ph 31-70-3303321
e-mail: machiel.mulder@nma.nl

Felipe A. Dias
Brazilian Petroleum Institute
Av. Almirante Barroso, 52 – 26 andar
Rio de Janeiro, RJ CEP 20031-918 Brazil
Ph 55-21-2112-9021
e-mail: fdias@ibp.org.br

Pierre-Olivier Pineau
Associate Professor
HEC Montreal
3000 chemin de la Cote St Catherine
Montreal H3T 2A7, Canada
Ph 514-340-6922
e-mail: pierre-olivier.pineau@hec.ca

Czek Republic 
Jaroslav Knapek
Czech Technical University Prague
Zikova 4
Prague CZ 166 27
Czech Republic
Ph 420-22435-3315
e-mail: knapek@fel.cvut.cz

Michael Mucke Jensen
Energi-og olieforum
Landmaerket 10, 5
1119 Kobenhavn K Denmark
Ph 46-3345-6510
e-mail: mmj@eof.dk

Adriaan H. Perrels
Research Professor
Finnish Meteorological Institute
PO Box 503
FIN 00101 Helsinki, Finland
Ph 358-50-5838575; Fax 358-9-1929-3503
e-mail: ariepaivi@yahoo.co.uk

Christophe Bonnery
Vice President, Energy Policy
33 rue La Fayette
Paris Cedex 75009
Ph 33-1-34-96-01-78
Fax 33-1-34-96-16-15
e-mail: christophe.bonnery@faee.fr 

Georg Erdmann
TU Berlin
Einsteinufer 27
D 10587 Berlin, Germany
Ph 49-30-314-24656: Fax 49-30-314-26908
e-mail: georg.erdmann@tu-berlin.de 

Hong Kong 
Larry C. Chow
Dir., Hong Kong Energy Studies Center
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong, 852
Ph 852-3411-7103; Fax 852-3411-5990
e-mail: larryc@hkbu.edu.hk

Carlo Di Primio

Via Giorgio Vasari 4
00196 Roma RM, Italy
Ph 39-06-3227367; Fax 39-06-3234921
e-mail: assaiee@aiee.it

Masakazu Toyoda
Chairman and CEO
Institute of Energy Economics
Inui Bldg Kachidoki 1-13-1 Kachidoki Dokj
Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0054, Japan
Ph 81-35547-0212; Fax 81-35547-0223
e-mail: masakazu.toyoda@tky.ieej.or.jp

South Korea 
Yang Hoon Sonn
Associate Professor, Dept of Econ
University of Incheon
177 Dowha-Dong Nam-ku
Incheon 402-749, South Korea
Ph 82-1197769774; Fax: 82-327708501
e-mail: yhsonn@gmail.com


Viktors Zebergs
Head of Laboratory IPE LAS
Aizkraukles Str 21
Riga LV 1006, Latvia
Ph 013 2 558692; Fax 013 2 551394
e-mail: zeltinsh@edi.lv 


Isabella Ruble
Associate Professor
American University of Beirut
PO Box 11-0236 Riad El Solh
Beirut 11-8=2-2-, Lebanon
Ph 96171727535
e-mail: ir04@aub.edu.lb p>

Jurgis Vilemas
Chairman of Council
Lithuanian Energy Institute
Breslaujos str 3
LT-44403 Kaunas, Lithuania
Ph 370-37-401800; Fax 370-37-351271
e-mail: vilemas@isag.lei.lt 

Luis Farias
Corporate VP for Energy
Ricardo Margain #325
Col. Valle del Campestre
San Pedro Garza Garcia
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, CP 66220 Mexico
Ph 52-81-8888-4390
e-mail: luis.farias@cemex.com

Adeola Adenikinju
University of Ibadan
Department of Economi
cs Ibadan Oyo, Nigeria
Ph 234-8023440018
e-mail: adeolaadenikinju@yahoo.com

Olvar Bergland
Ravnefaret 10
Drobak 1448, Norway
Ph 4792022747
e-mail: olvar.bergland@umb.no

Jerzy Szkutnik
Czestochowa University of Tech
Dabrowskiego 69
Czestochowa PL 42-200, Poland
Ph 48-34-3250808
Fax 48-34-3250803
e-mail: szkutnik@el.pcz.czest.pl

Saudi Arabia 
Fahad Al-Dhubaib
Business Strategist
Saudi Aramco
Rm 3040 East Admin Bldg
Dhahran, 31311
Saudi Arabia
Ph 96638747019
e-mail: fahad.dhubaib@aramco.com

Gonzalo Saenz de Miera
Head of Prospective Dept
Tomas Redondo 1
Madrid 28033 Spain
Ph 34639492104; Fax 34915776500
e-mail: gsaenz@iberdrola.es 

Lars Bergman
Stockholm School of Economics
Box 6051
SE-113 83 Stockholm, Sweden
Ph 46-8-736-9012; Fax 46-8-318-186
e-mail: lars.bergman@hhs.se 

Reinhard Madlener
Professor of Energy Econ Mgmt
RWTH Aachen Univ., E.On Energy Res.
Templergraben 55
Aachen 52056 Germany
Ph 49-241-80-97-161; 
Fax 49-241-80-92-206
e-mail: rmadlener@eonerc.rwth-aachen.de

Sheng-Chung Lin
CPC Corporation
No.3, Songren Road, Sinyi District,
Taipei City 11010, Taiwan
Ph: 886-2-8725-8000
e-mail: 902446@cpc.com.tw

Gurkan Kumbaroglu
Associate Professor
Bogazici University
Istanbul 34342, Turkey
Ph 90-212-359-7079; Fax 90-212-265-1800
e-mail: gurkank@boun.edu.tr 

United Kingdom 
Angus Gillespie
VP CO2 Strategy
Catsheuvel 131
Den Haag 2517 LD
Ph 31703772905
e-mail: Angus.Gillespie@shell.com

United States 
Troy N. Thompson
Business Planning & Analytics Mgr
1400 Smith St HOU140 17010
Houston, TX 77002 USA
Ph 713-372-6180
e-mail: troythompson@chevron.com