18th IAEE European conference

The Global Energy Transition Toward Decarbonization

Milan, 24-27 July 2023 – Bocconi University

18th IAEE European conference

The Global Energy Transition Toward Decarbonization

Milan, 24-27 July 2023 – Bocconi University

Program of the 18th IAEE European Conference – 2023

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Thursday, July 27, 2023

09.00 -17.00 Registration

09.00 -11.00 Coffee and refreshments


09.00 -10.30 – 8th cycle of concurrent sessions – n. 71-76 (1h.30′ each)

71. Market instruments for RES development
Chair: Muhammad Yousaf Raza, Shandong Technology and Business University, China

Recommendations for the Further Development of the German System of Guarantees of Origin
Presenter: Severin Sylla, FfE, Germany
Authors: Severin Sylla, Michael Hinterstocker, Alexander Bogensperger, Louisa Wasmeier, Amanda Pleier, Simon Koderer, Kristin Wagner

The role of energy performance certificates in reducing the information barriers: evidence from Slovenia
Presenter: Ivana Jovović, School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Authors: Ivana Jovović, Jelena Zorić, Nevenka Hrovatin

Renewable electricity generation, energy security and low-carbon transition in Pakistan
Presenter: Muhammad Yousaf Raza, Shandong Technology and Business University, China
Author: Muhammad Yousaf Raza

72. Cooking, cooling and air condition techs
Chair: André Mounier, Researcher CIRED, France

Regulating the Unknown: The Case of Cooling Technologies across Africa
Presenter: Pille-Riin Aja, CIRED, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France
Authors: Pille-Riin Aja, Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet, Sébastien Houde

Modeling the technical and economic feasibility of district cooling networks under scenarios of increasing cooling demand
Presenter: Aadit Malla, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
Authors: Aadit Malla, Lukas Kranzl

Improving the modelling of air conditioning adoption
Presenter: André Mounier, CIRED, France
Authors: André Mounier, Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet

73. Critical Raw Material: a new challenge for global economy
Chair: Carlo Andrea Bollino, Professor, University of Perugia, and Senior Researcher KAPSARC, Italy

Dynamic interaction between the market for upstream co-product raw materials and the downstream new energy vehicle market
Presenter: Hui Su, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China
Authors: Hui Su, Qiaosheng Wu, Na Zhou,Yijian Zheng

Fuzzy-based evaluation of intellectual property value for the energy sector
Presenter: Manal Alghamdi, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabiarabia
Authors: Manal Alghamdi, Christopher M. Durugbo

74. Decarbonization path: some considerations
Chair: Philipp Herpich, Research Associate TU Berlin/EUF Flensburg, Germany

Contributions of natural climate solutions to carbon neutrality
Presenter: Sophie Chlela, Mines Paris-PSL, Centre for Applied Mathematics, France
Authors: Sophie Chlela, Sandrine Selosse

Modelling decarbonization pathways for a metropolitan area – berlins energy transition integrated in an European energy system
Presenter: Philipp Herpich, TU Berlin/EUF Flensburg, Germany
Authors: Philipp Herpich, Konstantin Löffler, Karlo Hainsch, Jonathan Hanto, Nikita Moskalenko

Typology of pathways for decarbonization
Presenter: Tiago Alves, DINÂMIA’CET–Iscte, Portugal
Authors: Tiago Alves, Nuno Bento, Ricardo Ribeiro

75. Energy system forecasts: what should happen
Chair:Christoph Kost, Head of Group Energy Systems and Energy Economics, Department Energy System Analysis, Frauhofer ISE, Germany

How good are energy scenarios? Assessing 63 energy outlooks in a novel multi-dimensional ‎framework
Presenter: Dawud Ansari, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Germany
Authors: Dawud Ansari, Sabire Seyma Evli, Wassim Brahim, Anna Broughel

Probabilistic uncertainty forecasting with electricity system models in 31 European countries
Presenter: Xin Wen, Renewable Energy Systems, Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Authors: Xin Wen, Marc Jaxa-Rozen, Nik Zielonka, Evelina Trutnevyte

Energy policy scenarios for the German transformation pathways of the energy system by 2030 and 2045
Presenter: Christoph Kost, Frauhofer ISE, Germany
Authors: Christoph Kost, Markus Kaiser, Julian Brandes, Patrick Jürgens, Charlotte Senkpiel

76. Opportunities for new techs
Chair:Girolamo Di Francia, Research Director, Head of Photovoltaic and Sensor Applications Laboratory ENEA TERIN-FSD-SAFS, Italy

Modelling of Socio-economic Impacts and Market Diffusion of Selected Biomass-to-Fischer Tropsch (FT) Diesel Chains in the EU
Presenter: Nadine Gürer, Energy Economics Group (EEG), TU Wien, Austria
Authors: Nadine Gürer, Reinhard Haas, Amela Ajanovic

Economic analysis of increased renewable methane output through CO2 utilization
Presenter: Frank Radosits, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Authors: Frank Radosits, Amela Ajanovic, Reinhard Haas

Energy transition: an analysis of agrivoltaic utilities suitability in terms of Levelized Cost of Electric Energy
Presenter: Girolamo Di Francia, ENEA, Italy
Authors: Girolamo Di Francia, Saverio De Vito, Grazia Fattoruso, Arturo Matano

10.30-12.00 Dual Plenary Sessions

The Energy industry challenges towards a net zero economy

Chair: Aaron Praktiknjo, Chair for Energy Systems Economics at RWTH Aachen University. President of the German Association for Energy Sciences, Germany

Giampiero Goretti, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Market Analysis and Positioning, Engie
Felice Egidi, Chairman at ESI (Energy System Integrator) SpA, Italy

Valeria Olivieri, Head of Strategy & Corporate DevelopmentEdison SpA, Italy

Marco Piredda, Head of International Affairs, Analysis and Business Support, Eni, Italy

Maximillian Rinck, BDEW, Bundesverband der Energie, Germany

Grid security and energy storage

Chair: Guido Bortoni , President CESI, Italy

Guido Bortoni, President CESI, Italy
Alessio Cipullo, the Head of the Technical Affairs Macro-Area at Elettricità Futura, Italy

Riccardo Lama, Head of Optic Fiber and Electric Mobility, e-Distribuzione, Italy
Salvatore Pinto, President Axpo Italia
Iain Staffell, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Energy, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London – “Monetizing Energy Storage”


12.00-13.00 Special Plenary Session

Dubai – COP28

Chair: Patrizia Marin, President Marco Polo Experience, EAU

Racha Abdrabbo Haffar, Founder, Managing Director, DeXB Development finance for women empowerment
Massimiliano Giuseppe Falcone, Communication strategist World Bank Group
Francesco Favarò, General manager Watergy International Group, EAU

13.00 -13.45 Lunch buffet

14.00-15.00 Closing Session

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