18th IAEE European Conference

The Global Energy Transition Toward Decarbonization:

a multi-scalar perspective and transformation

Milan, 24-27 July, 2023 – Bocconi University

with the scientific contribution of

18th IAEE European Conference

The Global Energy Transition Toward Decarbonization:

– a multi-scalar perspective and transformation –

Milan, 24-27 July, 2023

 with the scientific contribution of


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Conference overview
The main purpose of this conference will be to discuss the big changes and transformations in this transition period: the growing demand for renewables, disruption, innovation, the transition to a low carbon economy and the demand for electricity and gas.

There is a growing convergence between all energy sectors including power, transportation, infrastructure, oil and gas, renewable energy and smart cities initiatives.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy development are at the core of Europe’s commitment to a clean energy transition that serves the needs of citizens, economic development and the environment. Achieving a smart, socially fair and sustainable energy system requires strong policies, competitive businesses and technology innovation. Mastering the digital transformation of energy and buildings will be crucial for creating a thriving economy and for the success of the global clean energy transition.

As increased sector convergence and global attention to transitioning to a lower carbon economy intensifies, the purpose of this conference would be to reflect this global outlook and expand the focus of the dialogue to a broader, more comprehensive perspective of the issues energy sectors need to address in an era of deep transformation.

Bocconi University, one of the top Italian research universities of international standing in business and economics will host this important event.

Amidst complex geopolitical tensions, volatile supply chains and the urgent need for rapid cuts in global emissions, the energy transition has reached a critical inflection point.
In an era defined by uncertainty, the gap between expectations and reality is widening .

We must critically evaluate the status of the energy transition, re-scrutinize success, and ask the hardest questions around the reality of, expectations for, and pathways towards net-zero.
Are we on the right track? Are we setting realistic and tactical goals? Can the gaps be bridged by action and technology? Do we need a new agenda to the green future?

Climate change is the major overarching emergency of our time. Energy production of all types accounts for 72 percent of all emissions. While the transition to low carbon energy sources has begun, scaling up the deployment of clean energy technology has to be accelerated. How will the industry navigate and deliver clean, affordable and secure energy?
There is a global understanding to reach climate neutrality by 2050. To achieve this, the world needs a Global Green Deal with the transformation of the energy systems at its heart. The tools are in our hands! Collaboration of politics, industry, science and civil society in a new multilateral framework is a precondition for a global green transition. Policymakers need to provide the right framework to combine national realities with global goals.

This conference will be a high level forum that will try to provide insight to transform the energy landscape of our world. It will bring together energy experts from business, government, international organisations, political realm and industry as well as leading researchers and civil society representatives. It will provide a fresh look on the major forthcoming issues offering an excellent occasion to dialogue and to share best practice and experience with delegates from all over the world.



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